Nov 8, 2011

Here is a thought about feminism


According to many references, feminism is a movement that aims at defending and establishing political, social and economic "rights" for women and thus,creating equal opportunities for women.
I believe at one time, this was an act that needed to exist to get  women where they stand today. It is only fair to acknowledge that along side society,religion has played an important role at alienating women's activities throughout the centuries. However, personally, i think that this movement must come to an end today. Established in the workplace and society, women do not need this. The idea of having a feminist act or people defining themselves as feminists is -again, in my own point of view - ridiculous.

In a society such as the Lebanese one, i have found that feminism is a redundancy. (I may be overlooking some parts of Lebanon, but that is only due to some minor examples here and there, on which the media is happily feeding upon everyday). Being an advocate of feminism is already believing in the separation of the sexes.

Why would i encourage a movement that only generates more discrimination?
If such a movement believes that women should be given equal rights to men, then this same movement believes that women are already different than men, which is not the case.

Both are HUMAN
Both have similar physical abilities (with different levels alternating among them)
Both can hear, speak, see, taste, feel, and smell.
Both can think rationally and emotionally (though the common mistaken belief is that women tend to be more emotional).

The list goes on....

But the main point here is that I am neither with nor against feminism. It only accentuates the gap that has been provoked by society ages ago. Feminism is an alibi for women who think cannot be who they are. It is an excuse for men, oriental men, who hide behind it to express their views.

This said, I hope I have been objective in displaying such a subjective view.

Monday Nov 7, 2011