Dec 17, 2009

Cold is Your Silence

Disaster has fallen upon my head
I wanted so bad to hear the words of love again
Alas, you stopped feeling and I was bathed in a bloody pool of tearing
No more tears are left in me
That's how i know I'm over you
I'm done loving in vain
I'm done crying out of pain

Iwish u never find this kind of love and i wish your next lover will never smoke
I wish the next girl will make you see how it feels to be in love with meeeeeeeeeee

Goodbye love, goodbye the love,
Goodbye the kiss, goodbye the call
Forever I'll miss that smile of yours
Forever the kiss that bound us both

Dec 3, 2009

Beyond the Grave

Beyond the grave comes the reaper in the night,
walking gently, floating on air
seeding hatred in the souls of the dead

My sorrow cried and cried to sleep
My tears rolled, my heart lost its beat

Through his eyes of a stranger, i shattered beneath
The pieces of my heart that counted the years.

My spirit has saved the hallow within
But the world has raped the love of green
The blue of night and the hazy realm
Of a past forgotten and a future of dreams