Apr 25, 2012

No! Listen, What Happened is this

Photo courtesy of Sako Majarian Photography
No! Listen, what happened is this;
They gave you leagues and tournaments to keep you busy,
They imprisoned your sense of being,
They caught your brains and froze them in time,
They chained your memories to wars, made divine,
They triggered your hunger, and let loose your thirst,
Your most natural anger, over time, they abused.

No! Listen, what happened is this;
They told you to pity the old and pity the poor,
They labeled you into microscopic clues,
They said to be happy you need to be rich,
They defined a treasure by its physical filth,
They degraded your passions,
They sent you searching in the bins,
They laughed at your desires,
They marked you to entertain their whims.

No! Listen, what happened is this;
They drained you from your dreams,
They baptized you with unforgivable sins.

What happened is this;
You stood silent in front of them,
You were amazed!
Wake up before it’s too late,
Your voice is still loud,
Your scream will be heard
Despite the concrete walls
They assigned you to build.