Mar 21, 2010

Between the coldness of Winter and the warmth of Summer lingers a interesting thought of duality and balance.

In a recent discussion between adulterated minds, a heated argument rose as to whether life is a dual between forces or a balance of powers.

What does power mean? Where does it come from?
Power is the enslaving form to which all humans aspire to. It is an irreversible chain of locks. It comes through hard work and great achievements and binds the one to limitless accesses and boundless frontiers.
Let the master/disciple example be the illustration through which power shall be uncovered.

In the eyes of the disciple, a master is a great omniscient person. Master is the giver of all answers and manager of all times and issues. They are the power to rule the setting of discussions and learning environments. these attributes allow the master to define their territory and expand their forces upon the present disciples. hence, all rules and regulations are to be set by this powerful image of a human in charge.
Who has put this image of power into action and who has allocated the image of the responsible to this master?
in a personal answer, I might say the disciples. They are the ones who gave this person an alleged power to rule over them. they allowed him to exert the power and they have defied their own powers to over rule him/her.

By all means, any giver of power shall become enslaved to that force and will intuitively surrender to the fact of being enslaved and chained in what seems to become a future mode of systematic duplicity and a network of social confinements and conventional boxes for the modes of thought.

Following the example of the master versus the disciples, i now introduce the sampled example of god versus believers. Wasn't it the human being who had the insight of allocating supernatural powers to a bigger and larger omniscient power, to which he empowered with fear and secrets and many, many inconsistencies which he gracefully disguised under the name of origins and secrets...
Many believers do admit that the universe's secrets (Creation, origin of life, afterlife... ) are too big for any human to apprehend, hence the only answer for these questions is a god, an all-knowing persona. and what is even more disturbing is the fact that many still rely on the clock analogy theory by Descartes. If a clock exists, that it must have a maker... and the same applies to the universe that must have a creator: god. is this rational or logical enough? to drop all ways of answers and abide by such an analogy?

I started this piece by pointing out two major ideas : balance and duality of powers.

Human mind is balanced to comprehend the duality of forces around it: The good versus Evil, this never ending game of deceit and illusionary realities. Life in general is a duality between forces, however, humans have made it a balance of forces. By raising the idea of a god up high, and by investing in it just like a stockbroker invests in the market, Humans are more than mammals, more than working brains, and much more than humans. If they have created and invested in a Deus ex machina, then they are the machina themselves, they are the gods, the power, the forces that drive others to believe in whatever decisions taken. Just like a disciple who awaits his master for an answer, for a homework or for a condensation of feedback, humans created the master-god or better yet, the god-master. This great professor of life, to who they turn to for answers whenever they face life changes.

and throughout history, human brains will continue to prevail, to uncover more illusions and also to think more...

Hail to thee ignorance,
Yet Knowledge is another curse...