Jul 16, 2010


this is for all of you Lebanese drivers in Lebanon....
It's an informal note or message or call it what you want:

This is a heartfelt call to all of you drivers to please please please DRIVE SAFELYYYYYYYY...

we have been witnessing a lot of car accidents lately and just today Friday July 15, 2010 at 3 am in the morning two beautiful young men, aged 17, died in a car crash, and Just tonight Friday July 15,2010 at 10h30 in the evening, while i was cming back home i witnessed another car crash at almost the same place.

People, please, i beg of you, no more deaths in the name of speed and drifting...

I speak in the name of a Lebanese young voice: I, myself, am a speeding driver. I used to brag that I always exceed the limits of 100km/hr on the highways. But, today has marked a new history for me. I have had enough. I drive on the road now fearing other cars speeding and passing by like missiles ajar my car.

I am writing out of sadness and anger. I am sad that our society's youth is dying for such a lame cause as speed. And I am angry for I was, once upon a time, a speeding driver who caused plenty of trouble for others. I will not tolerate this anymore... I, hereby, ask of you, who are reading this piece to take a vow with me to spread awareness about driving in Lebanon.

We who sign this vow oblige ourselves to drive safely on our roads; that is:
1) No speeding more than limit signs
2) Respecting all signs ( one-way signs, no trespassing, no U-turns...)
3) Alerting other drivers when speeding
4) NOT allowing our parents or friends driving to cross borders and disregard any of the road signs, and nag about it till it's done

These small steps might seem childish and maybe insignificant, but i believe if the few of us can do this, then we can start by at least changing some of the daily scenes we come across while driving.

Thank you for your understanding, and please make it your mission to spread road sign awareness for it is of utmost importance for the safety of all, including our close friends and family members.

SPREAD awareness

An ex-speeding driver

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