May 7, 2011

Copyrigths and Copylefts

"How can they deny the pleasure of my company? free of charge and blame? How can't they see the heart of me, that heart that lives to give and wants nothing more in return? Why should I stop being me and endulge in a collective oblivion of the self?" cried the homeless polished diamond gem, laying helplessly in that jewel box, surrounded with other precious stones, all shiny, all polished, all ornamental.

"What are you crying about?" replied a small glittery gem, rolled around a beautiful ring. "why so sad and gloomy? One day, the big master shall open this box and choose you to ornament her bosom and her neck, and then all eyes shall hail thee and all awes shall you get, once the master decides on you".

"That is not what i crave for... you don't understand... all i want to know is why are we confined here in rings and necklaces and earrings while we can be free out there, in the soil, underground"

"That is blasphemy my dear, the master dig us up for 6 days and 6 nights, and on the seventh day, the mine was excavated and we were saved from years of ignorance and darkness underneath. The master gave us a life. We got polished and cut. We got to become the chosen ones for fine Jewelry and decorations. We are the saved treasure"

When the master opened the box, later that night, the small gem shone with all its might, and glittered so finely that the eyes of the creator couldn't miss its wonder. It decided to become the thing it wasn't meant to be. Once out to the world, the gem continued to shine until the master closed the door of the mansion and drove away in the night to the party.
Together, they walked into a big ball. The little gem shone so brightly that eventually it became tired. By the end of the evening, where most were drunk and lights were dimmed, the Jewel let go of its shine and rested peacefully on the master's chest.

Once it was back in the jewel box, our dear friend sank to the bottom of the case, hiding itself beneath other stones. It was labelled by elder jewels of being too foolish and proud. They told her that this was her end. Now, that it had shown its pride, it must confess and go low profile if it wants to keep its life together.

The jewel was ashamed and felt guilty for the more the elders talked, the more she sank low and low, till one day the master discovered that it lost its glitter and sold it to the broker next door.
And there it lay, since forever and to all eternity: a forgotten jewel among so many others, a once beautiful gem that faded as soon as it got her head out of the box, a loner in her lonely world.

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