Mar 3, 2012

The borderlines of a dysfunctional world: Optional [reflection, projection and translation]

When I look at the world, I see reflections upon reflections of a vortex in continuous reproduction of itself. It is a world far from the imitation that Plato sought; that in which the ‘real’ world we live in is but an imitation of a purer, more perfectly designed one.

Nay! Through my eyes, the world I see is a reflection of itself on a window pane, a mirror or even a puddle of water. Those reflections are real, yet intangible. They are virtual, too, yet within an arm’s reach.
Many talk about parallel worlds or universes; that the expansion that happened as a consequence of the Big Bang has an alternative, lying beyond black holes and vortexes. However this might be true, those parallel worlds are within each other.

It is the manifestation of a ‘mise-en-abime’ where two mirrors are posed in front of each other and they keep on reflecting each other’s images over and over till no end.
So yes, this world reflects upon itself. And through it, each reflection is but a new world to be seen if the eye is keen enough on observation. Nowadays, the virtual is projected in the real. It becomes the real and the latter has become an extension lost in translation.

For translation and projection are two different axioms. Plato and other philosophers have projected the image of a perfect world onto a material wall that displays in pixels what it is made of.
In translation, the same object is moved onto another place. While projecting, pixels may be lost due to shortcuts and/or picture enhancement, whereas in translation, the purity of an image is kept but its special reality changes.
Hasn’t our world been confounded and mystified through the many translations it has succumbed to?

The attempt of writing these few lines does not allow itself to answer who came first; the chicken or the egg.
It is a simple observation, this article, in an effort to shed light upon an existential matter.
We are here now and we do exist. But which world does contain us? Are we the image translated into the mise-en-abime between two mirrors? Or are we the virtual result that forever replicates itself?
For so far, many agree that history repeats itself and that according to Big Bang theories, the world is but a series of expansion and condensations replicating till the end of times.

What does this time tell: A real virtual or a virtual reality?

Dear Reader, 
Do not judge this as an empirical writing. It is a pondering upon the universe, and a part of a bigger research however based on your critical feedback/reply. 
Help me find out if the structure of ideas conveys a certain meaning, regardless of what that meaning is.
Thank you.

PS: This article is incomplete yet, take it as an abstract. References are available but not published here.

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