Mar 5, 2009


After reading my friends' posts on the Parasite/Host theory, I was reminded of the Matrix movie and its two worlds; a world of REAL and a world of agents. Aren't we - as literature students- living in a similar dimension? I think of us as the hosts and the parasites of society. We live our college lives hosting the thoughts and theories of those who were before us, the thinkers since Plato till the contemporary critics. At the same time, too, we become the parasites in our society. We live with great ideas and ideals, controversial thinking and non-conforming norms. We host them, embrace them and get inlfuenced by them. And what does society do or think? It, sometimes, marginalise us. It tries to destroy us - being a parasite, a harmful agent in their chain of life. But, we are part of that chain. For without parasites, the food chain is destroyed and decomposers no longer do their jobs and in the end, mother nature decays.

Evolution.... Darwin.... Deconstruction... Derrida... Miller.... Serres....

During this week, the Vatican hosted a seminar to discuss Darwin's Evolution Theory. After a century and a half, the most influencial power in the world consented NOW on discussing the genius, the man who paved the way to criticism; criticism of the world in which we live. Once being the parasite, Darwin is now getting his VIP ticket into religious society that controls the public. How much would it take society to accept the parasites' thought such as Derrida, Miller, Serres and many others. How much would it take my enviroment to accept me.. us as changing agents among itself.

We, students, are the hosts to the spirit of the text.

The text becomes our parasite within.

We become parasited by the text.

We parasite society.

Society becomes the host and the parasite.

Hence, why are we denied the freedom of thought, speech and the force to change what's around us?

The city rat and the country rat parasited the sleeping man and he in his turn parasited their lunch together. this is an unbreakable chain. Why not go against the current and tolerate the change we shall cause around us?

The question remains unchanged and the answer is never there... WHY???????


  1. Damn girl :) you are verily influenced by the discussions that have happened in class today focusing only on living in a world were parasites and hosts can be one and the same, and at the same time being the opposite to another person.
    Plus I agree with you on one point where we English students, as not to use the word literature, are offensively marginalized because people tend to fear our realizations of the unknown thus making them more self conscious than they already are.
    I really hope that more people would have the courage to open up Blogs so that they can understand the true meaning of Literature and not, in a way, parasite our hosting mind into oblivion for their own purpose.

  2. Interesting post....
    Society is there and will always be a parasite/host....
    And we as students of Eng Studies will continue to parasite and host the society....
    As you mentioned...its a chain...
    And i love being in that chain now that i think of it....

  3. I've lost control over all of you, it seems...

  4. WOW!! i totally agree with you and hopefully we'll be able to change such superficial thoughts and be viewed as an essential uncut chain trying to alter the world :-)
    ...for we are parasites on society and on eachother as much as society is on us..and as Dimitry said I LOVE BEING in that chain!!