Mar 31, 2009

Join Me in DEATH

I am not studying and the fear of loss is hovering above my skies.

Is this a surrender to the power that controls the contemporary lives, where learning is important for one to live comfortably?

Is this my cry to go against the current and am I believing in my own power that I do not want to become part of the insitute, of the community at college?

A year ago, I would literally eat up my studying and surprize myself with my assignements. Today, I find myself thinking that having to abide by the rules and study is a form of power whose control is eating me up from the inside.

Where does the fear of power start and end?

Why am I so weak that I'm about to my life away because of this idea of power. I do not want to conform to rules, I want to be Control Free.... unbound to whatever force and whatever thought. Howver, I find myself drowning more and more in this controversy of perception.

Most things have become blurry and dizzy. It feels I'm spinning around and getting nowhere.

I want to study and learn but no commitments i can deliver... Hence, chaos of my life is getting organized and charted along these lines.

JOin me in DEATH!


  1. This is quite a somber mood indeed! Relax, life is beautiful, and critical theory in particular is an exciting investigation of the subtleties of modern and postmodern discourse!