Apr 15, 2009

Discipline & Punish - A proven theory of the fear of death

Discipline and punish, by Michel Foucault:

an intresting, intriguing, sickly, horror-ful, and whatever paradoxical adjectives can be put to describe this book. it is gruesome as a friend said.

however, after the first shocking story in the first few lines of the book, one gets excited to read more, to delve into the world of justice and the balance of power. while reading, i couldn't stop thinking that the governor, prince or any holder of pwer can with one word, one desire and even one wish stop the scaffold or continue the torture of men, workers... they have the power to brainwash the fear of death... isn't that intresting how the fear of death is consumed by society and produced by POWER... now my theory about the fear of nothing and everything comes crystal clear. Yes, death is no longer than another mental disorder in the minds of people.

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