May 6, 2009

The illusion of NOSTALGIA

Just the other day, I was at my mechanics fixing my car. The man was talking to his client telling him about this big dream of his. He'd really want to quit his job, buy a couple of cows and goats and go live far away form people, all alone. He dreams of never talking or communicating with people again.

Hence, it occured to me"What a pitiful world!"

It tooks human beings several centuries to urbanize themselves, to make ll the discoveries and all the progress but they are so sellfish and greedy. why would someone with a relatively nice job, quit it and go back to nature (as he puts it). Nature is a big lie, nothing is perfect there. eventhough this un-perfectness of nature or the old times, even if man could go back; he's d only want again to come back...

what is this indecision of the mind?'

where does this instability come from?

Do we always have to yearn for wat we had or dont have?

Reality itself is an illusion.

Nostalgia then is the greater deception in human lives....

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  1. as long as humanity has been in existence humans have been indecisive. We have a song or a saying for every natural occurrence, disaster, move or accomplishment. Bottom line is we're never happy but the funny thing is it takes us a lifetime to learn what makes us happy but we almost never have the courage to do it.