May 14, 2009

The Age of Duplicity

The cultural industry defined by Adorno and Horkmeir is the thorn of pain in society today. And that same industrialized culture is however embraced by Benjamin. Therefore, if the same topic is treated by two parties on a different scale that means that now we can insert Roland Barthes and his theory about the edge of duplicity.
So far, after the many readings about theories and critical theories, I’ve come to realized that everything in this world is a double faced coin. Duplicity can be applied to all words and all works. Thusly, cultural industry has double edges. One edge which is conformist and obedient as Barthes defines it and another one which is mobile and blank.
Take for example the movies, movies can be tools for emancipation or can be as void and blank as a white page. Theatre, novels, talk shows, internet sites, articles and many others acquired this double faced coin to fit into life’s critical heritage. Even critical theory can sometimes be devoid of its content to suit the purpose of colonization of the mind for higher targets whether political, socio-economical and even personal ones.
I, hereby, am not trying to allude that our world is perfect.
Perfection is a state of mind.
Perfection is an excuse from the chaos the mind loves but the conscious abhors.
Perfection is a key word for living in illusion and lies.
Hidden karmas, lost paths, noisy and brutal circumstances make up a life, a life the wayit should be lived.
Tear off your clothes and walk naked in the sun,
Speak what’s on your mind and never be afraid of tomorrow,
For tomorrow is another day just like the one that preceded it!


  1. And the interesting thing is that both readings (and all the others) are valid at the same time; as Derrida says, "there is nothing outside the text."

  2. Very nice...
    min Perfection w nzul kteer jayde:P