Oct 27, 2011

It's A Something Alright

This is what happens when you live in the Lebanese "culturally-modified" society.

Yes, it is a fact that Lebanese, at least most of them, know 2-3 languages and, well, tend to use them in everyday life. Whether in the form of tag words, complete sentence or even in advertising, this mutli-faceted "lingo" (probably a dialect by now) is affecting the view of life in general, as it is. 

To be clearer, all this came to my mind when i was driving one day on the road (as always, i do get those ideas when i drive, it's amazing right?). So, yes, as I was driving, i passed by a billboard that said in Arabic writing

 "?يا عيب الشوم! وين المشروم" (shame on you! where is the mushroom?)

Obviously, this is a mushroom Ad. However, the funny thing or rather the clever thing, maybe, is the use of a usual Lebanese word to mean shame, rhyming with mushroom to create this advertisement.

The idea behind this article is a kind of reply to all those who criticize us, Lebanese, of using many languages (usually English and French combined to Arabic) in one sentences such as "Hi! Kifak! Ca va?". It is because of this diverse ability to use multiple languages that we are able to better understand the world around us and probably this is the main reason behind which many artists succeed in the world. Either they are Lebanese or come of Lebanese origins. I may not have the specific examples to give right now (so if you have any, do share them please). But this isn't the issue for the time being. 

I am only trying to showcase an ingenuity and an authentic understanding of languages in general. Do tell me when has any foreign Ad used more than one language in its advertising campaigns? Yes, Only in Lebanon! and i do strongly hold on to that.

I may have be looking through some tainted glass. But for the time being, these glasses suit me greatly. As much as I have become tired of the many upsetting conditions in Lebanon, as much I am trying to see the other side of things.

On the long run, hate does generate love, respect and another side.
 (Yes, it does! i have experienced it :D)

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