Oct 11, 2011


They were 5 women, middle aged but none over her 30s, of course.

Their whole idea of a cup of coffee is a get-together photo-shoot session.

With every passer by at their table, a new camera pops up and a lesson on how to trigger the button to catch their marked faces with smeared mascara and smudged red lipstick.

And boy wouldn’t I save words to describe their blank smiles to show off their white teeth. However, to be truly loyal to facts, some would give you the duck face position to show off their botox-ed lips.

As I follow them inside the coffee shop to order my bottle of water, I have to wait for them to decide which coffee to choose: cafe latte? American coffee?? oh no... wait EXpresso??? 

And the poor cashier rolls the eyes, puffs the air and takes a deep breath in preparation for the long stare at the screen, awaiting their minds to process their order.

It might seem a judgmental scene, but really, observing those little women makes you realize the void of society. Or is it really as such? Isn’t this the ontological condition of women in the Middle East, especially in Beirut, at ABC mall?

And I almost forgot the tiny slim cigarettes in their ringed fingers, barely able to stand still from the weight of their huge, glittery bedazzled jewelry.

And I wonder whether I am seeing them with tainted goggles or whether this blemished scene is the actual real one.

After all, this was one six-hour setting in ABC. Maybe a full day can bring better scenes? Maybe a week can get more degrading view of the society of Lebanese sororities.

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