Feb 23, 2009

The fears all things and NOTHING.

Man as a supreme being has this thought and emotion of fear. This is a basic instinct which, since evolution started, enabled him to survive in the wilderness, reproduce, live among groups and still hold this innate feeling.

Man fears all physical things around him. He fears fire, and windstorms. He fears tornados and earthquakes. Man also fears wild animals or unpredictable human behaviours. But at the same time how can man fear something that only exists in his mind such as death.
Not a long time ago, it came to me that the fear of death is only a matter of religious phantasms that turned man’s life upside down. It chained his life and his thoughts. And everything he/she does turned back to that one matter.

I admit that weren’t this phenomenon weird in the Man’s eyes, he wouldn’t have thought about it. But many matters were weirder such as fire, procreation, sickness and many others. They confused Man at first but their regular occurrences taught Man to accept and react upon them. Hence, storms, no matter how intense they are, became part of his daily life. Still though the wonder of death which turned into ultimate fear and rejection because of the element of the unknown. However, what was unknown few centuries ago is now a scientific truth. And who says that one of these days with all the current technological development Man wouldn’t come to reveal the secrets beyond death. Humanity decoded the riddles of fire, lightning, thunder, animal behaviour and I can presume that the same would happen to the death matter.

This nothingness beyond life shouldn’t scare us. For, if we were meant to live beyond our current existence, we would have done so. Who’d ever thought that Man could fly in the sky like birds do, or live under water like fish do? Centuries ago, all missions outside the earth or inside of it were matters of science fiction (Jules Verne’s novels: Around the earth in 80 days, From the Earth to the Moon, Journey to the Center of the Earth or even Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea). Today, the fictious machines described in these novels are the necessities in our daily life, whether it's a jet plane or a rocket ship, a submarine or else. Therefore, I shall conclude this post by saying that I believe that someday, maybe soon or maybe during the days of our grandsons and daughters, Man shall reveal the truths he cares about or at least those still hidden secrets.

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  1. Check Freud's "The Future of an Illusion," which you will probably find very interesting in the context of the fear of death and the birth of religion.