Feb 16, 2009

A long time ago was the truth...

A long time ago, there lived a girl whose mind no one understood. She fought hard and she fought badly and all was lost inside her head. Then on one winter night, she left her family, and she gave up on the world that never satisfied her thirst for knowledge. Carrying her dreams, her insights and her only realm of pain, she headed outside town, up to the mountains high. The road was smooth and ever easy. That confused her mind, but ever risky she continued to pave her way through the hardships of her journey. The cold breeze was washing her tears, singing away her aches and her fears. The silence of death that roamed around broke her stillness and quenched her hunger. The lost world she feared to face came to her and bowed with grace. Under her feet sang the angels, and around her body they danced in awe.
The story I told is the story of me, an innocent little girl who was never supposed to be all learned about the cruelty of the word, the brutality of her world.
In the world I live in, all freedom ceases to be. The law clearly protects one’s freedom of speech and thought. However, in a conservative and religious world we are living in, the law is brainwashed somehow in the citizens’ minds. A few are allowed to say what things really are. But knowing how close death can be, these thinkers shut their doors and live in isolation for better or for worse.
Today, I want to speak up my mind and say what I mind and what I don’t. Today, I want to raise the stakes of my life; I want to raise the bar for those whose voices were lost and never found. Citizens of the world wake up and hear my call. Your brains are being shut by powerful forces of darkness. These forces induce your thoughts to sleep and in the end you’re turning out to be marching robots for unmarked purposes of sheer consumerism.
Whatever you do nowadays doesn’t matter the least in the heart of your community. We have become programmed societies living on video. Humanity has never been a free one; man has never tasted freedom because simply it doesn’t exist. This thinking animal, with his great ability to create, anointed himself with an everlasting life which he lost upon socializing. Meeting others, living with them and interacting in a certain environment and other social gathering have given nothing but a mere place in a faded background where one is bound to act and think according to the group he/she belongs to. I would really call upon you, readers to try for once and speak up your mind in a gathering. I bet you would think a hundred times about your sentence so it fits the proper talking of a society before you throw your thought away. However, since we are talking about freedom, let’s set one thing straight that it does not and it will never exist. Why search for the elixir of life? Why bind your existence to a concept drawn into people’s minds so long ago? Wake up and smell the smoking fires burning your brains!
Want me to move on? No, I will stop here today. I will make your rest and think about what was said. Tomorrow maybe I will give you more hints on how to realize that freedom is like the ‘god’ theory, where everyone is given to believe in the existence of a creator, an all-knowing someone/something that moves us all and where we are bound to it till the day we die and beyond. And so is freedom: a belief in the existence of a so-called power that has the ability to change your life.
N.B.: there is no tomorrow we only live in the present or else we wouldn’t exist.
... Good NIGHT...


  1. I think that you got carried away while writting this...
    Your passion for the subject is clear and it is there...but in certain places you get carried away and lose the track,,,
    But its a great post...
    Looking forward to reading more real soon...

  2. I liked your ideas especially your passion for freedom. Few of us are free in the East, because we are not born free so we choose to be free.

  3. freedom is an illusion... I'm not sure if I can agree... Those of power take advantage of the idea to control people, 100% true...

    "There is no tomorrow, we only live in the present or else we wouldn't exist" ---> Now this is GENIUS!